01 factory

At Heneken Melts, we specialize mainly in remelting aluminium scrap. However, we also melt primary aluminium and supply our customers with high quality alloys in form of ingots.

From the very beginning, we have started implementing an extensive investment program. Thanks to a complete exchange of technologies and partial automation, we have achieved a fourfold increase in production capacity.

On the gas furnace line, Heneken Melts produces aluminium alloys. The precise preparation and sorting of inputs, modern melting line, automated stacking and high equipped laboratory guarantees highest quality and satisfaction of our customers.



02 Unique in Europe

Due to diversification and continuous improvement of the production Heneken Melts is unique in Central Europe.

The production technologies were extended by a line of electric induction furnaces. The production speed is enhanced by a gas shaft furnace. It is used for production of master alloys with higher added value, used as additives in the foundry industry.

Hand in hand with technical modernization we managed a complete revitalization of the area. The reconstructed office building, production hall, warehouses and roads highlight the highest level and create a quality and safe working environment for our employees.

In 2021, we improved our production program and started to produce ferrotitanium which is being supplied to partners all over the world.

03 Ecological aspects

At Heneken Melts, we focus on environmental aspects and reducing the carbon footprint.

Regular investing in green solutions is one of our priorities. Modern filtration with active absorbent guarantees low production emissions. As a result, the dispersion of organic pollutants into the air and the formation of dust particles are reduced to a minimum. An important aspect is also the reduction of energy consumption, which we achieved by investing in modern burners with significantly lower gas consumption.

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