01 The foundation of our success

Extensive range of commodities, high quality & trusted service

02 About us

Heneken Group is a fast growing player on the European market.

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Our first production site located in Spišské Vlachy /Slovakia/. Tradition of scrap smelting and aluminium alloy production in the region goes back to early 90´s. With this acquisition we laid a foundation stone of creating a metallurgical group of production companies.

MAZAK is a trade mark of quality zinc alloys with a worldwide reputation. It is a direct successor to the best traditions of zinc alloy production in the United Kingdom.

Heneken Conductors continues in tradition of high voltage conductors´ production in Slovakia dating back to 1967. With more than 50 years of experience we serve our customers with quality products, advisory and personal approach.

We have successfully launched an aluminum waste recycling plant in Turkey with an annual production capacity of 36,000 tons of aluminum alloys and a low direct CO2 footprint.

Heneken FerroAlloys represents the natural evolution of the Heneken Group’s offer. After more than fifteen years, its offer is growing by ferroalloys, molybdenum, silicon and many others.

Heneken Capital Management focuses on trading the global metals market by taking discretionary long and short exposure in LME Futures & Options derivatives.

03 Who we are

We supply thousands of tons of raw materials to partners from all over the world.

We rely on high quality products and professional service.

Thanks to our transformation from a sole trader to a group of production companies, we have gained a tremendous competitive advantage and capability of supplying nearly all commodities.

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