Aluminium and aluminium alloys


We have been trading aluminium since 2007.

Aluminium was the first metal Heneken started to trade. Thanks to its unique physical properties aluminium is one of the most widely used metals in industry.

Our portfolio consists of primary aluminium, primary and secondary aluminium alloys.

We specialise in trading of primary aluminium alloys in various forms, such as ingots, t-bars, rods and jumbo blocks.

An important focus of our sales department is trading of secondary aluminium alloys, which are produced by recycling. Remelting of scrap is a way how to reduce emissions, energy consumption and meet the EU’s common goals as defined in the so called Green Agreement. We supply secondary aluminium alloys also in various shapes, but mostly in the form of ingots.

Heneken supplies aluminium alloys worldwide.

Our commodities meet various national standards and always meet simultaneously specific requirements set by our customers:

EN norma
  • EN (European standard)
  • DIN (German standard)
  • GOST (Russian standard)
  • JIS (Japanese standard)
  • US AA (US standard)

We supply primary aluminium produced by electrolysis in various qualities:

  • A5
  • A6
  • A7/ P1020
  • A8/ P0610
  • PFAs – primary foundry alloys
  • Al off grades