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Heneken supplies lead to customers from various industries around the world.

Lead (Pb) is a soft metal with relatively low melting point 327,5 °C. It can be produced in primary way, extracted and refined in order to produce pure metal.

Lead is a metal with one of the highest recycling rates.

About half of the lead products produced annually come from recycling. Approximately 90% of all lead is used in batteries, lead sheets and other recyclable metal applications. Therefore, today lead  has one of the highest recycling rates of all commonly used materials.

We supply various types of products to our customers.


Pure Lead 99,97
(Refined lead)

Minimum Pb content of refined lead is 99,97% (99,985%; 99,99%) – which is gained from concentrate, remelted lead or pure scrap, used for radiation shielding, counterweight, building construction material, ammunition, etc.


Remelted lead
(Raw lead, lead bullion)

Contains about 97-99% lead metal with remaining impurity elements (in total of max. 2-3%) such as antimony, tin, arsenic, iron, bismuth, copper etc. It is used for further treatment or specific lead alloys.


Lead Antimony alloys (PbSb)

Lead with different rate of antimony content (Sb: 2,0 – 3,0%; 4,5 – 5,1%; 5,1 – 6,0%; 10,0 – 12,0%) is used for applications like bearing assembly, ballast, castings, step soldering, radiation shielding, ammunition, etc.