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01 history

Significant investment in laboratory equipment in 2019 guarantees proper testing and quality outputs.

Using stranding machines from Mario Frigerio and SKET we achieve annual capacity of over 15 000 tons of finished products. Nevertheless, our engineers are constantly improving and developing new conductor or wire types suitable for different applications.

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02 production programme

The production programme consists of 2 main product lines – drawn wires and bare overhead conductors.

Aluminium drawn wires

Aluminium and Al alloy drawn wires are produced from high quality wire rods used for various electrical and mechanical purposes. Drawn wires can be supplied in diameters from 1,6 up to 11,5 mm, finished soft, semi and hard. They can also be processed in our plant in order to produce of all types of stranded conductors.


ACSR aluminium conductors steel reinforced

The most common group of conductors used for overhead power lines. It consists of single or stranded galvanized steel core surrounded by layers of drawn aluminium wire.  Steel content in conductors varies from 6% – 40%. The steel core is covered with several layers of aluminium wires oriented in opposite way. These traditional conductors are very often used as a cost-efficient solution for OHLs, where costs of installation play an important role. Long service life and maintenance costs are contrary to modern types of conductors offering lower line losses and higher strength.

Operating temperature: Around 80 °C.

SAL conductors

Short lay conductors are dedicated to HV and UHV substations, control cabinets where the high conductivity and minimum forces are required. Conductors are made from annealed aluminium class 1350-O, stranded with short lay length. The main advantage lies in high flexibility of the wire and simultaneously stable robustness of given shape. It is used as a terminal connector, also to connect insulators and tube conductors.


AAC all aluminium conductors

Stranded aluminium conductors produced from primary aluminium wires with minimum 99,7% Al content. This type of conductors is used for short distances between poles and optimal for seaside installations due to high corrosion resistance. They are also used as a semi-product for production of insulated cables. AAC can be stranded in one or more layers depending on customer needs. Main advantages are determined by its low weight and excellent conductivity. Semifinished products used in cable technology are:

AACC all aluminium conductors – compressed: Compressed conductors are run through a die that “presses out” the space between single wires. In terms of diameter, this category of conductors is in between standard concentric and compact conductors.

AACS all aluminium conductors – sectional/sector: Sectional conductors are stranded and shaped to a sector of a circle. These are used as a raw material for cable production.

AAAC all aluminium alloy conductors

Stranded conductors are produced mostly from AlMgSi alloys with very good strength to weight ratio, better mechanical resistance than AAC and better corrosion resistance than ACSR. With good electrical properties and sag characteristics they are used for power distribution and transmission lines.

03 Our team

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Peter Gönczöl

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Daniel Drgoňa

Sales Manager

Tomáš Laco


Heneken Melts

Heneken Melts is located in Spišské Vlachy /Slovakia/. This region was known for smelting scrap and production of aluminium alloys already in the 90´s.

Heneken Mazak

Heneken Mazak is a direct descendant of the best tradition of zinc-alloys production from the United Kingdom. We are proud that this trademark, a synonym of high quality zinc alloys.