Zinc alloys


We produce primary zinc alloys for die-casters.

Foremost, we reflect our customers’ requirements for reliable and consistent alloy composition. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to keeping the critical elements of alloys within tight and persistent tolerance ranges. In order to achieve this goal, we deliberately set the tolerance ranges for production of our alloys tighter than the Standard EN1774 requires. Consequently, our customers can always fall back on the consistent quality of our material. Our production is constantly monitored by the use of statistical process control (SPC) methods.

The heart of the quality system is our spectrographic laboratory in which we use state-of-the-art spectrometers SPECTRO, utilising a wide range of certified CRM standards and we pay high attention to analysing all our production output before it is delivered to our customers.

All our alloys are 100% analysed according to EN ISO 3815-1:2005 standard and samples are taken in compliance with EN 12060:1998 standard. Our spectrographs are regularly tested and re-certified by authorised service bodies.

With each delivery we provide Inspection Certificates of Analysis of our alloys according to EN 10204:2005 Standard. On request we provide mushroom samples of delivered melts for customers’ laboratory double-check.

Our spectrographic laboratory is also available to customers for any testing they may want us to carry out on their behalf.