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We produce ferrotitanium on a production line with annual capacity of 10 000 tons.

Ferrotitanium is an alloying additive consisting of iron and titanium with a minimum weight of titanium /20%/ and a maximum weight content /75%/ produced by reduction or melting.

Ferrotitanium is used as a deoxidizing and degassing component in the production of steel.

The deoxidizing capacity of ferrotitanium is much higher than the efficiency of silicon or manganese. Ferrotitanium also improves the mechanical properties of steel – it increases its strength and resistance to corrosion. In steel industry ferrotitanium is most commonly used in tool steel and stainless steel.

Ferrotitanium also improves the properties of alloys. It increases their wear resistance and improves machining properties. At the same time it is also added to profile cables with a fraction of 0 – 2 mm.


There are currently three types of ferrotitanium in our portfolio.

We produce ferrotitanium in various chemical compositions. The content of titanium in the ferrotitanium alloy ranges from 68% to 75%. The content of aluminium and vanadium differs accordingly.

We cast ferrotitanium in the form of ingots, which are then crushed into various fractions in line with customer’s specification:

  • 10 – 50 mm
  • 10 – 30 mm
  • 0 – 2 mm
  • and others

We ship ferrotitanium in 1-ton big bags.