01 Bulk Ferro Alloys & Noble Ferro Alloys

From bulk ferroalloys to noble ferroalloys of increasing importance, we are here to provide you with stable supplies that meet the highest standards for all industrial needs.

02 Product range

Explore our range of ferroalloys that we supply to our partners, including:

  • Titanium & Ferro-Titanium
    Chromium Metal & Ferro-Chrome
    Silicon & Ferro-Silicon
    Manganese Metal
    Ferro Manganese
    Foundry Sands (Cr and Zr sands)
    Ferro-Molybdenum & Molybdenum Oxides

We offer detailed technical specifications and data sheets for each product in our Ferroalloy range. You can access important information such as alloy composition, size, shape, and packaging options, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific requirements. We also offer tailor made options for all specific and special requirements that you might have, via our wide network of producers covering almost all niche products.

03 Meet our team

Our team is ready to provide technical support and advice to help you choose the most suitable product for your application. Contact us.

Adrian Stolár

Osim Mamatkulov

Tijana Isoski

Oleksandr Burak

04 Logistics and supply chain

Logistic and supply chain

At Heneken Ferro Alloys, we prioritize your production plans by ensuring a reliable and efficient supply chain, just like the entire Heneken Group. Thanks to an extensive distribution network, we guarantee on-time delivery, proper packaging, labeling, and efficient delivery management. Our international logistics team is available to support smooth delivery each time.

To ensure a seamless supply chain, we collaborate with warehouses worldwide, including Koper, Rotterdam, Callao, Durban, Brno, and Gebze.

We aim to establish long-term partnerships and believe an efficient supply chain is crucial in achieving this goal. Choose us as your Ferroalloy supplier and experience our commitment to reliable deliveries, guaranteed quality, proper packaging, and efficient delivery management.


Heneken Melts

Heneken Melts is located in Spišské Vlachy /Slovakia/. This region was known for smelting scrap and production of aluminium alloys already in the 90´s.

Heneken Mazak

Heneken Mazak is a direct descendant of the best tradition of zinc-alloys production from the United Kingdom. We are proud that this trademark, a synonym of high quality zinc alloys.