01 Our Goals

Helping individuals

We constantly monitor individual cases and respond to received requests. Our goal is to support individuals or communities in difficult social situations. We show solidarity with those in need.

Supporting sport, culture, and charities

We try to motivate children and young people on their life path and personal development. That is why we support individual young athletes as well as whole sport teams. Further, we actively focus on cultural and charitable events dedicated to help children and young people.

Social responsibility

We strive for socio-economic change of individuals and communities in supporting them financially. There are lots of inspiring individuals and programmes looking for donations from organisations like ours.

For more information, contact us at henekenhelps@heneken.com


Heneken Melts

Heneken Melts is located in Spišské Vlachy /Slovakia/. This region was known for smelting scrap and production of aluminium alloys already in the 90´s.

Heneken Mazak

Heneken Mazak is a direct descendant of the best tradition of zinc-alloys production from the United Kingdom. We are proud that this trademark, a synonym of high quality zinc alloys.