01 Recovery of Mg scrap

Let magnesium waste be useful Again

Heneken Magnesium Technologies Inc. is dedicated to spearheading technical excellence in the metal industry. Our mission is to redefine the benchmarks of magnesium alloy recycling through the continuous evolution of innovative processes. We aim to reach the highest standards in recovery rates, ensuring the efficient reintegration of magnesium alloys into forms, such as 166 kg pigs or 7 kg ingots.

02 Product range

Our ultimate aim is to produce 10,000 metric tonnes per year. Find the composition of magnesium alloy AM60.

Aluminum Al 5.5 – 6.5 %
Manganese Mn 0.24 – 0.6 %
Zinc Zn 0.22 %
Silicon Si 0.1 %
Copper Cu 0.01 %
Iron Fe 0.005 %
Nickel Ni 0.002 %
Others max 0.02 %
Magnesium Mg Balance



We offer detailed technical specifications and data sheets for our product. You can access important information such as alloy composition, size, shape, and packaging options, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific requirements. We also offer tailor made options for all specific and special requirements that you might have.

03 Meet the team

Our goal

We aim to establish long-term partnerships and believe an efficient supply chain is crucial in achieving this goal. Choose us as your Magnesium Alloys supplier and experience our commitment to reliable deliveries, guaranteed quality, proper packaging, and efficient delivery management.

04 discover more

Heneken Melts

Heneken Melts is located in Spišské Vlachy /Slovakia/. This region was known for smelting scrap and production of aluminium alloys already in the 90´s.

Heneken Conductors

HENEKEN CONDUCTORS continues in tradition of high voltage conductors´ production in Slovakia dating back to 1967. With more than 50 years of experience we serve our customers with quality products, knowledge and personal approach.